What the city you leave San Francisco for says about you

In the past year, San Franciscans have fallen into one of two camps: those that say everyone is leaving, and those who believe that the mass exodus hype is just that. Hype.

I fall into the former group. As someone who recently moved out of her San Francisco apartment without the intention of going back — and who can easily think of nearly 10 close friends who have done the same since March of 2020 or are in the midst of this transition themselves — this is a hard one for me to believe otherwise. Could it be a familiarity bias? Perhaps. But when you consider that 2020 rents were down nearly 30% YoY and office vacancy rates spiked over 10% to a 17% high, it does seem like people have made the permanent decision to leave the Bay Area, at least for the mid-term future.

I’ve been sitting on a variety of half-baked Medium articles for months, and now seems like a good time to start sharing as I start my next step. Today we’ll start with my favorite, a lighthearted compilation inspired by Christina Najjar’s rich mom series (if you know you know, if you don’t I’d advise to just keep on reading).

So, you’re leaving SF. What does your next city say about you?







“Testing different cities for a few months”

Indefinite van / nomad life

Staying in San Francisco

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